Group exercise for anxiety

Group exercise for anxiety

Group exercise for anxiety

A recent study shows that exercising in groups can have large benefits on anxiety for college students

The Big Picture:

It is commonly known that regular exercise helps to manage mental health for individuals of all ages. A recent 2021 study examined these benefits of exercise with the added aspect of social connection.

Social psychologists have continuously studied social connections to better understand how individuals are influenced by their social networks, a field called social network analysis (SNA).

The authors examined this phenomenon for a group exercise program at a college in Southern United States.

Results provide insights for fostering better mental health in college students:

  • Student membership in the group exercise program was associated with lower levels of self-reported anxiety
  • The authors propose that the addition of social connections can enhance the positive effects on college student mental health
  • These findings align with other research on the student-related benefits of positive social networks

Why This Matters to You:

The authors recommend group membership in exercise programs for college students. While it may be easier to exercise alone, joining an exercise or sports group may have added benefits for your mental health!

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