• The Student Support Initiative

    We’re in this together.

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  • First-year students

    Beginning your college experience is a big transition, but at Northeastern, you’ll always have support. The Student Support Initiative (SSI) provides students with guidance to navigate NU resources and thrive from day one.

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  • Second-year students and above

    We deployed the Student Support Initiative (SSI) to make visible and organize Northeastern resources so that getting support is more efficient than ever!

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  • Faculty and Staff

    We’re doubling down on our commitment to provide the best support system in higher education. The Student Support Initiative (SSI) enables your students to show up with the information and resources they need to succeed in the classroom, allowing advisors, faculty, and staff to focus on supporting students’ academic, research, and professional objectives.

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Northeastern University

Student Support Initiative (SSI)

SSI provides every student with the support and guidance they need to thrive at Northeastern from day one.

SSI matches every incoming Husky with a trained upper-year peer mentor that we call Student Success Guides (or SSGs for short) and peer cohorts (SSI Packs) via the MentorHub NU app. SSI is your Northeastern connect. 

How it Works

Get the MentorHub NU App

  1. Download MentorHub NU on the App Store and Google Play Store
  2. Sign-in using your NU SSO and check-in to share what’s going on
  3. Connect with your SSG for personalized support and recommendations

Why Students Love MentorHub

MentorHub NU has been able to bridge the gap between learners and mentors during a time when connection can be difficult. In spite of various interactions being virtual, MentorHub NU provides a familiar means of communication where relationships aimed at success can thrive.

Working with the MentorHub and SSI team has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I am able to help students find the resources they need and feel like I am leaving a positive mark on the Northeastern community.

The MentorHub NU app and the team allows learners to directly connect to their success guides. Understanding the students doubt and answering them with utmost empathy and patience is important. This app is the perfect example that Northeastern University makes efforts to help their students start this new phase of life smoothly and effectively. It gives students the confidence that they are not alone in the new city that they have chosen to come leaving their family and friends behind.

MentorHub NU is a freshman’s one-stop shop for all the information they may need to set themselves up for success in their academic journey at Northeastern! Mentoring these bright minds by providing support through the app has helped me realize how much our college cares about the welfare of all its students.

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The MentorHub NU app is available through the App Store and Google Play. Search on MentorHub NU.