What is Habits of Success (HOS)?

Developed by Student Support Initiative (SSI), Habits of Success began in the Fall of 2022. The program consists of 10 workshops throughout the semester & weekly 1on1 coaching by our Success Coordinators. These workshops are open to all Northeastern students. We offer some virtual workshop sessions. The workshops consist of various academic & personal development topics such as goal setting, analyzing strengths, among others. Additionally, 1on1 sessions are open to all undergraduate Northeastern students with virtual and in person options. 1on1 sessions allow students to meet with our Success Coordinators for individualized sessions on workshop topics and more. Habits of Success aims to create spaces for learning and collaboration for students at Northeastern.

Interested in going to a workshop with your Student Success Guide (SSG)? All first year and second year undergraduate students can go to a workshop with their SSG and earn a $15 Amazon gift card. Reach out to your SSG in the MentorHub app!