How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

SSI is an effort driven by the Office of the Chancellor to enhance the ability of first and second year students to successfully engage the continuous support and guidance they need to thrive from day one. 

SSI introduces an innovative model for student support that pairs trained upper-year students called Student Success Guides (SSGs) with first and second year students via the MentorHub NU app. SSGs serve as a navigation guide for students to quickly and efficiently connect with the experts and resources they need. SSGs will work with Success Coordinators, full time staff members who oversee SSGs and are also available to students to address challenges that require additional support.​

Through SSI, SSGs aid students by quickly addressing common questions and engaging needed resources. This ensures time spent with advisors and support staff is focused on topics related to their academic experience and professional aspirations.

We use the MentorHub NU app (iPhone or Android) to support interactions between students, SSGs, and Success Coordinators. The app also provides resources to students and information on upcoming events and deadlines.

 MentorHub NU supports interactions between students, SSGs, and Success Coordinators. We are working on integrating the app with the academic calendar, the academic advising scheduling system, event calendars and the co-op rideshare app.

SSGs are upper-year students trained to help learners and refer them to the appropriate resources. SSGs are the first point of contact for students and will leverage technology to support weekly check-ins with each student. While learners are always welcome to reach out to advisors and support staff directly, SSGs will enable them to identify, access and engage the appropriate resource more efficiently.

A Success Coordinator is a full-time trained staff member who oversees and supports SSGs in engaging with students. Success Coordinators partner with NU advising and student support staff to ensure that students are receiving adequate support.

The General Studies Program provides staff and peer support to first year students through academic advisors, peer mentors, and nationally certified peer tutors. The Explore program offers pre-orientation advising as well as support for international students and students.

SSI complements these existing efforts to ensure that students fully leverage all resources. SSGs assist students in connecting with advisors and support staff across the university – not just in academics and well-being, but also in career services, co-op, global experiences, and more. This individualized referral support not only considers student background and interests, but also identifies the offices and individuals across the university best equipped to support them. In addition, SSGs help students define and reach their goals each semester and follow up to ensure success.

SSG applications are typically accepted on a semesterly basis. For the latest hiring information check out our Instagram @nustudentsupport.

Applications are currently closed for Fall 2022. Please check back here later in the Fall for more information.

Training will provide SSGs with a deep understanding of best practices for mentoring and the different resources available to students at Northeastern. SSGs will be introduced to the MentorHub NU platform that will enable their interactions with incoming students and will also receive training on Title IX and other security, safety, and relevant topics

SSGs will typically be expected to work up to eight hours each week.

Yes, Student Success Guides are paid $17 per hour.

Each SSG will be assigned approximately 30 first-year students.

SSGs are trained to help students navigate Northeastern’s support system and resources across various issues, including academics, financial aid, extracurriculars, career planning, physical and behavioral health, athletics, study abroad, and research opportunities. SSGs act as navigators and problem solvers who can direct the student to the appropriate resource across the university. SSGs also work with SSI Packs to build community.

Student Success Guides are a key part of supporting Northeastern’s vision of delivering a best-in-class educational experience with experiential learning at the core. As first-year students settle into university life, SSGs will play a critical role in helping them navigate Northeastern’s resources so that they are better supported and more successful. The initiative offers an opportunity for students to give back and pave the way for the next generation of NU leaders. In the process, you’ll also gain valuable coaching and leadership skills, key skills you’ll carry forward in your professional life regardless of your path.

SSI pairs first-year students with SSGs using factors such as program location, college, and major to allow for them not only to connect with their SSG but to provide a cohort-based experience with peers sharing the similar academic experiences as a common ground to build community.

All incoming first year students will have access to the MentorHub NU app shortly after committing to the university in late spring/early summer. Communication will be sent to you once you are able to log in.

You can meet your SSG via in-app messaging by downloading (iPhone or Android) the app and logging in with your Northeastern credentials. In addition, you’ll have access to video chat with your SSG to help you prepare for your Husky journey and support you throughout your first year experience!

Anonymous student data will be used to enhance our processes and systems and ensure that students can fully leverage university resources. The data may also be used for research to inform future university policies and broader scholarship.

Students abroad will have SSGs and can connect with them via the app over the summer and remain connected throughout their program. These students won’t have the in-person social opportunities with their SSG while abroad but instead will be able to meet with their Site Coordinator. SSGs will be available to support as you return to the Boston campus and ensure a smooth transition when the time comes. and Global Scholars students will have the same access to the MentorHub NU app and their SSG! The only difference is that you will have a professional staff member and Site Coordinator who can be reached via the Mentorhub NU app. While the SSG will be based in Boston, these learners will have in-person support at their location through the program’s professional staff!